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Indiana in 360



Western Photo in large scale -->

Drawing room, 2-8 persons


Large photo -->

Dining Hall & Cafe

Dining service available at Taiga Maja, too. The lounge and dining hall, restrooms and showers are all available for the guests. There is a separate fee for sauna.

Avaa -->

New Sauna by the Lake at Your Service!

There are extraroom for two in the sauna too! You can rent the sauna , prices starting from 50 € / group!!

Sauna ion 360 --->


       Room for one 30,00 €/night
       Room for two 50,00 €/night
       Room for three 70,00 €/night
       Room for four 80,00 €/night

      Room for bigger groups 20,00 €/person/night

      Bed linen 7,00 €/person